Clinical Experts​

Take Advan​tage of our extensive expertise gained over decades of direct patient care and leadership.  We understand what happens at the bedside, in the operating room, and during the insurance authorization process.  We utilize this knowledge to create custom solutions to help you meet your goals.

Elite Data Analysts

We are passionate about data and believe that quality data is the key to unlocking the information that drives organizational success.  We can help decipher perception from reality.

Process Specialists

Continuous improvement is one of our core principles. Take Advantage of our specialized approach to understanding your goals and current environment.  We are masters of creating and re-designing processes to help you reach your goals. 

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  • Are you a clinician or healthcare administrator wondering... Exactly what is an AI Scribe, and should I have one?

    Sign up for this free webinar and get your questions answered on 7/7/24 at 4 PM CDT
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      Memorial Day.
      Today, we honor and remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. As we reflect on their courage, we remain committed to serving our communities with the same dedication.


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        Happy Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

        Checkout this interview with our CEO Dr. Carol Nwelue and Doug Dunbar with CBS News for important tips on how to protect your skin this summer!

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          Advantage HCS LLC is excited to be launching new Health Technology services. As a health care consulting company largely made up of practicing clinicians, Advantage HCS is uniquely positioned to provide expert advice to our colleagues in the Health Technology space.

          Contact us today to learn more about how Advantage HCS LLC can open new doors for your Health Tech organization.


          • In Case You Missed It...
            Episode 4 of the Advantage Insights Podcast: "How Did We Get Here?" features some of the Advantage HCS team members discussing the recent event of Doctors walking out of an Emergency Room.

            Why do you think healthcare, in some areas, has made it to this point?


            • Check out episode 3 of our Insights Podcast. We talk about the challenges in the perceptions of medical professionalism. Our doctors bring a fresh and honest perspective to this topic in our response to the NEWYORKTIMES.COM article: The Unbearable Vagueness of Medical ‘Professionalism’.

              Check it out now:

              Click to watch full episode!


              • Advantage HCS is excited to be working with RevMaxx to transform healthcare with the introduction of the RevMaxx AI Medical Scribe!

                This tool truly checks all the boxes...

                1. Decreases burnout related to the extended hours sitting in front of a computer working to complete documentation
                2. Decreases distractions during the Patient - Physician and Patient - APP discussion
                3. Increases the rate and accuracy of patient acuity capture, leading to increased revenue

                This is a great product and it's getting better every day!
                Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new tool.


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                  🌟 Celebrating National Hospital Week! 🌟
                  On May 15th, 2024, the Senate passed a bipartisan resolution recognizing National Hospital Week, May 12-18!

                  This year's theme is "We Are Health Care…Caring for Patients; Strengthening Communities!" American Hospital Association

                  We are honored to support the incredible healthcare heroes who dedicate their lives to improving patient care and the incredible hospitals and healthcare systems they work for. From doctors, pharmacists and nurses to patient technicians, social workers and service staff and everyone in between, all our roles are important to make hospitals what they are! We are health care and we are in this together!


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                    This news really hit home for me. I have been following Walmart Health for awhile. I was excited to see the services they were going to offer and the convenience it would bring to the communities. This comment "Healthcare is expensive to run. We were finding that the increased labor and operating costs environment, like with reimbursement, both public and private, made it difficult (to run the business) and obvious we had to close," by Walmart broke my heart. This is why Advantage HCS exists. The experts on this team can help navigate those problem areas and help increase reimbursements and reduce operating costs. We have over 300+ years of healthcare experience. We have been apart of the solutions implemented to help hospitals keep their doors open. Let us help you.

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